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Ching Jing Temple

This beautiful temple is situated in the countryside of Fuding, Fujian province in China. The whole building was constructed of concrete with traditional Chinese drawing and painting engraved in wood or stone. By the end of year 2007, the cement structure of the main hall was finished and the monk's dwelling to the right of the main hall is accommodated.

However, owing to the limited construction funds that were raised, the internal finishing of the main hall is forced to be delayed and the construction of the monk's dwelling to the left side of the main hall is deferred.

There is a story about the construction of this temple.

Ching Jing Temple, originally named Da-Shi-Ge, was established back in Tang dynasty. When Rev. Jie Jing was six years old, his parents' house was blown away by a typhoon. All of a sudden, the whole family lost their shelter. The abbess of Da-Shi-Ge, Rev. Shi-Kai kindly allowed his mother and him to move in. They stayed there for ten years. Now, after years of weathering, the original building of Da-Shi-Ge has deteriorated with crumbling walls and a wrecked roof.

Rev. Jie Jing cannot bear to see the temple dilapidated. To repay the gratitude of the late Rev. Shi-Kai's care, he has vowed to rebuild the temple.

Unfortunately, due to the weak dollar and inflation in China, the actual expense far exceeds the preparatory budget. Donations are urgently needed to support the continuing efforts of rebuilding the temple. Please send your donation to:

Buddhist Association of Colorado
8965 W. Dartmouth Place,
Lakewood, CO 80227
Made check payable to B.A.O.C

Please make a footnote on the memo: For Ching Jing Temple.

We will mail you a tax-deductible receipt.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.




















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