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Regular Activities

To promote true Buddhism belief and traditional Chinese culture, The Denver Temple organizes various activities all year round. Dharma Assembly is held every Sunday morning from 10:30Am to noon. Eighty-eight Buddha Repentance Service is conducted the First Sunday of each month. The Temple also holds lectures on Buddhism every Sunday afternoon from 2 to 4PM.

Emperor Liang's Precious Repentance

To carry forward the cultivation of Buddhist repentance and to continue the Chinese filial piety tradition, every year around the mid-July in lunar calendar (during the Yulanpen Festival), The Denver Temple will hold the Emperor Liang's Precious Repentance Ceremony, which benefits living beings and the deceased. During this time, the Temple will conduct a "Offering Ceremony for Buddhas and Devas" and perform the "Ullambana Offering Ceremony To All Sangha", during which we ask to receive blessings and to deliver the deceased to the western pure land.

The Temple will offer the "Three Period Chanting Ceremony" at the end of the Repentance. This is indeed a great opportunity to repent and to accrue merits. The Temple accepts donation for blessings, for delivering the deceased, for offering to the Sangha, and for sponsoring the vegetarian meals for all participants. Please contact the Denver Temple for details.

Address: 8965 W. Dartmouth Place , Lakewood , CO 80227
Tel / Fax: (303) 985-5506

Buddha Light Offering Ceremony

According to "The Sutra on the Virtue of Light-Offerings", donate some light and one will receive rewards that are immeasurable. Many sutras indicate that placing lights in front of Buddhist pagodas, the Buddha altar and the sutras can allow donors to obtain great merit. Light can eliminate darkness. Our merit cuts through the dark ignorance of our deluded minds, eliminates karma hindrance and allows us to discover our inner wisdom and gain great fortune. To make it short, the benefits are: one shall have a majestic look, without any bodily illnesses and without confusion. Whatever you ask for, you receive.

You not only light a lamp in front of Buddha, but also use Buddhist wisdom to brighten your inner-lamp and your future.

Medicine Buddha Lamps are bright day and night in The Denver Temple. Merit payments are $50 USD per year. Please mail or contact the resident monk to make the Lamp Offering. May Buddha's mercy bless you and your family and keep you safe and auspicious, with wishes fulfilled, good health, and booming business.

$50 USD per lamp, check made payable to BAOC.

Address: 8965 W. Dartmouth Place , Lakewood , CO 80227
Tel / Fax: (303) 985-5506


Our Library is open to the public to benefit anyone who is interested in Buddhist lectures. There are books available for borrowing in both English and Chinese, and also provides gift books. Come check it out!

The Denver Temple Dharma Protector Association (DTDPA)

The Core Belief of the Three Treasures is respecting "Buddha," "Dharma," and "Sangha", as protecting Dharma is Buddhist disciples' responsibility and mission. To enable Sangha to cultivate, spread the teaching to benefit all living beings, and carry on Buddha teaching without worry, BAOC is recruiting Dharma protector members to support the temple through donating $15 or more monthly. Payment can be made by monthly, quarterly, or yearly per your convenience. It's an excellent opportunity for lay people to both help others and help themselves. The Denver Temple transfers merits to Dharma protectors annually.

Contributions make payable to: B.A.O.C.
Your donation are tax deductible.

Please send your check/money order to the following Address:
8965 W. Dartmouth Place, Lakewood , CO 80227
Tel/Fax :303-985-5506

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