Master's Bio

Venerable Jie Jing was born in 1953, in the town of Diantou, Fuding county, Fujian province, China.  In December 1971, he became a Buddhist monk under Rev. Shi-Xin in the Linfung Temple at Qinyu town, Fuding County named Jie Jing Shi.

In 1980, he passed the entrance exam and became a student of the Buddhist Academy of China in Fayuan Temple, Beijing. He graduated in 1984.

In October 1984, he was the superintendent of Hui Ji Temple in PuTuo Mountain, Zhe Jiang province. He also served as dean of studies and as teacher of the Sangha training class in Zhe Jiang province.

In January 1986, he was invited to be a Buddhist instructor at the Buddhist Academy of Min Nan in Xia Men, Fujian province. In January 1989, he immigrated to the United States through the invitation of the Young Men’s Buddhist Association of America.

In 1995, he together with Rev. Jin Hai and Rev. Ji Ru founded the Mid-America Buddhist Association.

In winter of 1997, he was invited to the Buddhist Association of Colorado, The Denver Temple. In the spring of 1998, he was appointed as the abbot and president of the Buddhist Association of Colorado, the Denver Temple.









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