The Buddhist Association of Colorado was founded in 1991 by the Late Rev. Fat Leong. It is a Chinese Buddhist temple focused on the Mahayana school of Buddhist practice

In 1991, the founder, Late Rev. Fat Leong, was living in Hawaii , had donated his lifetime savings to purchase the current Denver site. With the help of the lay followers' donations, the association was able to build what is called, "Chanting Hall".

Since the temple is located at Denver , Colorado, USA , Rev. Fat Leong felt it should be named "The Denver Temple".

In the winter of 1997, Rev. Jie Jing was invited to give a dharma talk at the Denver Temple . His teaching was favorably and overwhelmingly received by the local followers. Rev. Fat Leong then asked Rev. Jie Jing to be the superintendent of the temple and then was promoted to abbot the following year.

Soon after he came to the Denver Temple , Rev. Jie Jing initiated a fundraising event for the purchase of the statues of "three saints of Western Pure Land ". Because of Rev. Jie Jing efforts, The Denver Temple has expanded to its current humble and state.

Besides demonstrating the leadership of performing the annual Linag-King repentance service and Bodisavatta's birthday ceremony, etc., Rev. Jie Jing also conducts dharma talks about Buddhism from time to time. Upon the request of the fellow Buddhist practitioners, he held the class twice to talk about the self-compiled "Q & A of ideology of Three-Treatise school". He then moved on to write the "Q & A of ideology of Chan (Zen) school" and "Doubt resolution collection". These works were published in succession on "Hui Ji Journal" after he started the journal in 2003. Although he humbly claimed that the publication of Hui Ji Journal is meant to motivate himself. The true intention is to guide the follower of Buddhist study and to learn more about the Buddha's teaching. The Hui Ji Journal is distributed here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world and is focused on promoting the thinking of Madhyamika and Chan (Zen).

Rev. Jie Jing always treats carrying on the Buddha Dharma as his own responsibility. He not only teaches Buddhism in the Temple but also gives dharma talks to in and out-of-state Buddhist societies per invitation. He even teaches Buddhism overseas. However, in his free time of learning Buddhism, Rev. Jie Jing doesn't forget about the farming work in traditional Chinese Buddhist monasteries. His skillful hoeing is exactly the expression of traditional Chan style of laying equal stress on farming and meditation.

Under the leadership of Rev. Jie Jing, the Denver Temple has become the place to continue this Chinese Buddhism tradition and is also a place to combine the practice of Zen and pure land school.





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